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Przedsiębiorstwo Automatyzacji Przemysłu

We will design, automate and execute!


TBI VT 410 400x320











Lathing CNC

Frezarka CNC











Milling CNC












Precise welding












CAD Design


 Precise Welding




Our welding services are performed using modern and precise welding machines. 

Simpler designs can be executed using traditional gas welding machine which allows for a significant reduction in costs. 

All projects are executed by members of our highly specialised team that guarantees reliable, accurate and timely execution of orders.




We offer full service for our customers starting from:

- the project stage (executed in our Design Office)


throughout :

- the production stage (experienced employees using modern, high-tech equipment)


up to:

- the implementation stage (we will help you install, conduct the "first run" and conduct any necessary tuning and corrections  <all of the above at your site>)




We use the most advanced electronic steering systems, hydraulic and pneumatic devices from leading polish and European companies in all of our equipment.





All our services and products fulfil appropriate security, quality and legal requirements.





All our pricing is tailor to our customers needs and depends on individual projects. Please CONTACT us directly and we will be able to answer any questions and enquires that you might have.