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Przedsiębiorstwo Automatyzacji Przemysłu

We will design, automate and execute!

TBI VT 410 400x320

We offer full service for our customers starting with:

- project stage (executed in our Design Office)


- production stage (experienced employees using modern, high-tech equpment)


- implementation stage (we will help you install, make "first run" and of course we will make all necessary tuning and corrections  <all of the above at your place>)

In machines we manufacture we use electronic steering systems, hydraulic and pneumatic devices from leading polish and european companies.

All our services and products fulfill apropriate security, quality and legal requirements.

We do not provide still prices as we try to treat every project indyvidually. If you would like to get some more information feel free to contact us. We will answer all your questions.

Please take a look at our previous projects (you wil find them in Recent Projects section).

1) Lathing conwentional

  • maximum diameter 600 mm
  • maximum lenght 2500 mm

2) Lathing CNC

  • maximum diameter 410 mm
  • maximum lenght 680 mm

automatic lathing from rod -  80 mm